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pgi title set for sale

19/6/2019 · Summary The Sporty Set is a bit more accessible than the other PGI sets. Simply log in to PUBG during PGI and you’ll unlock the complete Sporty Set! The Sporty Set will be available from 7/25 8am ~ 7/30 8am PDT. This set will not be marketable, so users have

Cost to buy?: Free

There was ongoing event sale at Korean website for 100won (approximately 9cents) couple hours ago. They sold only limited amount of the codes (20,000 sets) and it is gone now. It’s non-marketable. Wasteland Set is meant to be the only one you can sell. You

Top responsesHow did you get this set,man?3 votesThe torso shirt clips with the body in certain animations but the wraps are the best thing about it2 votes想买一件啊?请问有韩国朋友帮忙买一套吗?另付费2 votesHow did you get this?1 voteSo jealous o_o1 voteLooking to buy one of these sets, hit me up if you have a code!1 vote查看全部

10/7/2018 · I assumed it was if you bought a ticket to PGI or something, I also heard that amazon prime people get free skins during that amazon PUBG event next week. I’m not sure though, those are the only skins I actually like but they’ll probably cost a lot or are hard to get.

Top responsesYou can get it by watching pubg partner stream, like shroud or wackyjacky. In their stream they can give away codes to redeem that set3 votesI assumed it was if you bought a ticket to PGI or something, I also heard that amazon prime people get free skins during that amazon PUBG event next week.  read more2 votesI have a PGI set to send to BigKy Talpc Facebook.2 voteshow do you redeem the code? in steam?2 votesPGI TITLE SET Sell I sell around to 8 keys for PGI TITLE SET. Add steam: voteWatch twitter i just got one for free ;D1 vote查看全部

19/6/2019 · This set will not be marketable. Obtainable ways Third-party giveaway x2 Voting on the official Twitch stream with the extension during Day 1 (TPP) & 3 (FPP). PGI 2018 loot Crates: PGI Camo Set PGI Ringside Set PGI Sporty Set PGI Team Crate PGI Title Set

Cost to buy?: Free

Upon opening the crate, you get all these items in the PGI Title Set. PGI Title Leggings PGI Title Top PGI Title Wraps Note:The key has to be redeemed in-game in Store. Languages Languages English buyers guides Fallout 4 DLCs The ultimate list of the best

Hello I am selling one PGI Title set if you want this one please add me to contact me. However be aware of the following things: I am selling the set for quite a bit of money so the first thing that I will ask you is what is the max. your willing to pay for this set. If it’s

19/6/2019 · PGI Team Crate PGI Title Set Individual skins: PGI T-Shirt Wasteland Set Update history Update 8/16/18 PGI Team Hoodies sale has been extended from August 16th to August 21st. Sale will end on Aug 21 at 7pm PDT / Aug 22 4am CEST / Aug 22 11am KST.

Cost to buy?: $9.99 per hoodie

28/7/2018 · Similar Threads [Selling] PGI Title Set and PGI Ringside Set 07/28/2018 – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Trading – 1 Replies Hello, Im selling 1 code for PGI Title Set and 1 code for PGI Ringside Set ( Permanent ) Feel free to offer, you can contact me through my

PGI RINGSIDE Crate set For Sale 27/7/2018
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PGI TITLE SET key redeem I just redeem a pgi key and still nothing will be there after a wile or it shoud pop in right away? pubg still have some lag issue with items? Showing 1-14 of 14 comments